Just 7 km from Klaipeda you will find yourself in the magnificent Radailiu Manor complex. You will discover the following spaces in the charming 4-hectare "Radailiai Dvaro" Park:

- DINO.LT Dinosaur Park

- Upside down house Radailiai

- Restaurant

- Hotel

- Conference rooms

- Banquet halls

- The White Hall

- Restaurant facilities include ballrooms

- Wedding ballrooms

- Summer ballroom

- Outdoor terraces

- Floating terrace in the manor pond


Our staff will allow you to enjoy the celebration and take care of all organizational matters: personalized menu according to your wishes, table and hall decoration, entertainment and guest accommodation!


The restaurant was unique in its attractiveness even before the famous dinosaurs and playful oases of entertainment were settled in the park.


Visitors will be captivated by the spectacular landscape of the restaurant, its elegant reverberation on the slope, backed by centuries-old oak trees, the soothing buzz of ponds and the panoramic view of the meditative beauty park. The western building tradition, the melancholic romance of the environment, the heroic neighbourhood of the dinosaurs and the joy of entertained people are all very common here.

Dive into the light and carefree joy of the "Radailių Dvaras"! We're waiting for you!

SPA Radailiai / Vila Radailiai/ Apartments

Attention! Because of quarantine „Radailių Dvaras“ restaurant and SPA are closed

Tel: +370 699 83199

Restaurant Radailiai

Attention! Because of quarantine „Radailių Dvaras“ restaurant and SPA are closed.

Tel: +370 652 55666

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