Restaurant Radailiai



"Radailių dvaras" started its history 15 years ago inviting visitors to pamper themselves in the sauna area.


As the visitor's confidence grows, the restaurant, based on centuries-old oaks, is not only inviting to enjoy the beautiful landscape, but also offers a taste of European cuisine that has not yet been discovered.


In order to provide guests with complete relaxation and comfort, a hotel with up to 50 guests was built surrounded by nature.  Not long after near restaurant and hotel in the 8 ha area appeared has settled over 50 moving and roaring dinosaurs inviting to enrich your own rest, while one of the dinosaurs has completely overturned a two-storey residential house


Villa Radailiai

  Luxury Hotel  


We are always looking forward to your arrival at Vila Radailiai. We are ready to make your stay unforgettable.


The completely reconstructed bath area has turned into a luxurious Vila Radailiai Hall, where we can accommodate up to 40 guests and a buffet type for up to 70 people.

And its first and second floor, for the convenience of the guests, have turned into great rooms with outdoor terraces - balconies that offer a soothing view of the nearby private island.



  Recreational services  

New recreation area

SPA Radailiai - high-quality rest for the whole family.


Hotel Radailiai



The Radailiu Manor Hotel is located in a beautiful park near the Radailiai amusements, such as, Dinosaur Park, Upside down House, SPA and Restaurant.


What can you visit at Radailiai?


SPA Radailiai / Vila Radailiai/ Nakvynė

Tel: +370 699 83199

Restaurant Radailiai

Tel: +370 652 55666

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